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Product Image From Fashion Windows to Actual Garments #3 (8/28/18)

From Fashion Windows to Actual Garments #3 (8/28/18)

$ 25.00

Tuesday August 28th, 2018 at 5 p.m.

Susan has returned from yet another tour of Italy and France, which means a new webinar with new Garments to transfer into Garment Designer!

From Fashion Windows to Actual Garments webinar will take you through the process of analyzing the fashions you see in store windows, online or elsewhere and then building the pattern in Garment Designer.

Learn some great Garment Designer and patterning tips and turn your next window shopping experience or pinterest board into actual garments. A series of different garments will be shown and used in this workshop. You will learn how to interpret the styles and how to creatively use your software to make the pattern.

After registration, we will contact you with the meeting information.

Webinars need a minimum of three participants to host. If we do not meet this minimum the webinar will be cancelled two days prior, so be sure to register early. 

We listened to your feedback and for this month we will have the webinars available to review for attendees who sign up prior to the scheduled webinar but are unable to attend at that time. The video will be completely unedited, directly from the webinar meeting. It will be available for three days after the webinar is hosted. You must sign up prior to the scheduled date.