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Product Image Italy Food Retreat 2020 Remaining Balance

Italy Food Retreat 2020 Remaining Balance

$ 500.00

Italy Food Retreat 2020 Remaining Balance

Food, Wine and Cooking: Veronese Italian Style

June 10th - 16th, 2020

This product page is for submitting the remaining balance only ($500) for this retreat.

The focus of Food, Wine and Cooking: Veronese Italian Style retreat is to show you a wonderful sampling of a cuisine and people who love their art. There are numerous specialty food stores, vegetable stands, markets, and an assortment of eating establishments ranging from Cantinas to Trattorias to Restaurants. You will also find wonderful kitchen stores, gelaterias, enotecas, bakeries, cafes and a wide range of Italian eateries.

Please download the trip brochure and required Registration form from our event page to view details and activities for this tasty trip:

Full payment for this trip will need to be submitted by March 12th, 2020. 

We suggest not booking any non-refundable airfare until we know if we have enough attendees to host this Workshop & Retreat.

To submit the deposit for this trip please go to the following page: