New Mexico Workshop 2023

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We are continuing our tradition of truly retreating in an amazing location and spending focused time with Garment Designer. So, we return to Cimarron, New Mexico and the 100-year-old inn we have grown to love.

The goal of our retreat this year will focus on working with Garment Designer and the creation of patterns for Knits, either for sewing commercial yardage fabrics or for hand or machine knitting. How should one change the pattern? How does the fabric or yarn direct you? We will focus on body measurements and developing a good knit base. In addition, we will discuss various knitting and sewing techniques specific to garments and knits.

Using Garment Designer, you will learn how to change up necklines, armhole/sleeve styles, and add various extra options such as collars, cuffs, pockets, and more. We encourage you to bring some knit fabrics and/or yarns (samples are fine) to use in the development of your stylized clothing.

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