Webinar-Stitch Painter: Using Full Color Import

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Stitch Painter and the Full Color Import Module **Updated
Tues, 9/22/20 – 4 pm. PT

Stitch Painter's Full Color Import module allows you to take a scanned image into the software and reduce it to a workable gridded image in minutes. But it is much more than that! In addition to learning all the various aspects and options for performing the gridding and color reduction, you will also learn how to use it as a palette generator, and as a tool for developing color designs that have just the right proportions of each color. Stripe development as well as imagery work, based on the color palette will be included.

We've listened to your feedback and will have the webinars available to review for attendees who sign up prior to the scheduled webinar but are unable to attend at that time. The video will be completely unedited, directly from the webinar meeting. It will be available for three days after the webinar is hosted. You must sign up prior to the scheduled date.

What do you Get with a Webinar?
• Online webinar (60 - 70 minutes) (or access to the recording if you can't attend)
• Handout in Advance
• Access for three days after the webinar to review the video
• PDF of the PowerPoint lecture (for personal use)
• 15% discount code for Cochenille Products (excluding software upgrades)
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