Webinar Workshop: Copying Ready-to-Wear

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Thursday, Oct. 29th, 5 p.m. PT

This webinar is a natural follow-through from the Approaches to Copying Ready-to-Wear webinar. If you would like to try your hand at analyzing a style and creating a pattern for yourself, here is your chance. Susan will provide some sample garment images from Pinterest, or you can choose your own (please send us the image to 'approve'). You will take the knowledge learned in the first webinar and apply it. Then, email your Garment Designer file and the image to Susan in advance, and we will spend the webinar going through a critique with everyone's garments. There is nothing better than learning by sharing. Susan will comment on each participant's project, and if applicable, make suggestions for change. In the end, you will be much more adept at how to analyze a garment picture and turn it into your own personal pattern.

We suggest keeping this first attempt somewhat simple.


No Need to be Present Live!

We've listened to your feedback and will have the webinars available to review for attendees who sign up prior to the scheduled webinar but are unable to attend at that time. The video will be completely unedited, directly from the webinar meeting. It will be available for one week after the webinar is hosted.You must sign up prior to the scheduled date.

What do you get with a Webinar?:

  • Online webinar (60 - 70 minutes) (or access to the recording if you can't attend)
  • Handout in Advance
  • Access for one week after the webinar to review the video
  • PDF of the Powerpoint lecture (for personal use)
  • 15% discount code for Cochenille Products (excluding software upgrades)

Webinars need a minimum of three participants to host. If we do not meet this minimum, the webinar will be canceled two days prior, so be sure to register early.

After registration, we will email you with the webinar invite and handout, one or two days prior to the scheduled time.