Body Shapes & Sweater Bodies Art Disc

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Body Shapes & Sweater Bodies Art Disc

This product includes Cochenille's Body Shapes and Sweater Bodies on One Disc.

Cochenille's Body Shapes are a collection of 5 different body silhouettes to fit the body shape you are designing for. Choose from Hourglass, Triangle shape, Brick shape, V shape or Oval Shape.  

These body shapes are an excellent way to sketch up ideas. When using the .ai files within Illustrator, elements within the layers can also be cut and copied so you can switch hair dos from one body shape to another. Designing your new looks are more versatile and exciting with Cochenille' Illustrator Clip Art.

Cochenille's collection of Sweater Bodies lets you choose from 6 basic Sweaters, 6 Crew Sweaters or 9 Fashion Sweaters for a total of 21 sweaters! 

Print JPEG files to draw designs directly onto the image or place tracing paper over the image as a template for drawing one-of-a-kind garments. 

If designing on the computer and you have our Stitch Painter program, you can incorporate those designs with this collection of sweaters to help visualize your final product. Open JPEG images with most any paint program to design on your computer. 

Illustrator files can be open with Adobe Illustrator to make changes to your Sweater Bodies or Body Shapes. Add or remove design elements or use these .ai files as a jumping off point to make a completely new image to fit you or someone you know. 

There are so many creative avenues to explore and Cochenille gives you the head start advantage with our new quality vector files and JPEG images.


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