Specials at Cochenille

Specials at Cochenille

March/April 24 - RGB Art Files Digital Download

Happy Spring! And Happy Crafts Month for the remainder of March.

Do you have trouble mixing colors to match your yarns or threads? Does the R-G-B color theory baffle you? You need our RGB digital download collection of files. 

Have you ever wondered why what you see on screen doesn’t match what you get with your printer? We have a tool for you that can facilitate better results. It is our RGB Art Files collection. You can choose to match your fabric/yarn to the colors on screen, OR… you can print the files and match to the printouts. Record the formula of RGB for future reference or for use in other software programs.

RGB Art Files for Color Matching

At checkout, the discount should happened automatically, but if not, use the code RGB to save $2.00 on this collection of files that will assist you with matching the color on your printouts to your fabric and/or yarn. Our regular price is $12.00 so you will get the collection for $10.

How to Use this Tool
Load the images in your paint program and match your yarns on-screen, or print the pages of color palettes for matching yarns/threads to the output

As is commonly known, unless you have employed color calibration, the color you see on your monitor is not the color you get when you print out docu­ments on your printer.

Likewise, the color you see on one monitor may differ from the next monitor.

We have taken the time to create a visual display of more than 1,330 colors with R-G-B formulas arranged to aid you in mixing colors. 

This RGB art disk contains files of colors mixed with varying RGB formulas. You can print these out on paper and use the printouts to determine which color formula you want to use while working in your software. OR, you may open the files and view the colors there to choose colors you want to see while you work.

Our special is for the digital download version of the files. 

We have created a Fact Sheet on this product, which you can download by clicking here.       


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