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Let's Get Organized!   Sewer's Worksheets and Knitter's Worksheets

At checkout, use the code Organize to get $3.00 off any of our Worksheet sets, digital download mode. 

For our current special, we are featuring Sewer's Worksheets and Knitter's Worksheets

The Sewer’s and Knitter’s Worksheets were created as part of the Let’s Get Organized series by Cochenille. Each set contains editable PDF worksheets that allow you to organize your samples, projects, and more. See the reverse side for more information.

As a bonus, the Sewer’s Worksheets add a Fabric and Trim PDF and the Knitter’s Worksheets add a Yarn Inventory template PDF.

Sewer’s Worksheets

  • Pattern Planning
  • Construction
  • Costing
  • Computer Log
  • Sample Record Sheet
  • Bonus: Fabric and Trim

Knitter’s Worksheets

  • Knit Swatch
  • Sweater Spec
  • Sweater Project
  • Computer Log
  • Bonus: Yarn Inventory
  • For hand or machine knits, in metric or inches


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