Plastic Template/Tops

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Our plastic template of garment tops can aid you in drawing and planning projects. This template consists of a 3-ring punched  heavy plastic sheet measuring 8-1/2” X 11” and provides you with both ‘innies’ and ‘outies’.

The 'innies' are the little plastic garments can be traced easily. They are easy to use; simply trace around a shape with a pencil and commence your design work. When done, you can string all the garment pieces together for storage or to carry in your purse or design case.

The 'outies' are the outer shapes on a three-ring plastic sheet which fits conveniently in a binder. You can use this also to trace garment shapes. In addition, you can also to use them to pan over imagery which is a creative approach to garment design. See the examples below.

In general:

  • Trace a garment piece onto paper, and then plan/draw in the details of your design.
  • For knitters/crocheters, this can include simulated stitch patterns, cables, color changes, etc.
  • For sewers you can note the placement of fabrics. on your drawing. You can elongate a garment, simply by moving it down as your draw. You can widen it by doing the same movement but sideways.

You can use the 'outies' to pan over art/clippings to help you plan the inner design of a garment.

Note: The white plastic on the edges of the template has discolored somewhat, as white plastic does over time. It is for this reason, we have reduced the price on this item.