Easy 7 Jackets Book DVD

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PDF book on DVD

This 89-page book, in PDF format, is designed to show Garment Designer users how to get more out of their software. 

Each jacket is easily designed in the software and can be knit or sewn. With each project (whether you actually sew or knit it in the end) will teach you a new skill to use with your pattern software or with the building of garments. The instructions walk you through, step-by-step, how to create the pattern in Garment Designer. Even if you never make the garment, the skills you learn in using the software will be invaluable.

Knitting tips and illustrated sewing instructions are included in the book as well as generic techniques and tips. 

Jacket Styles:

  • Asymmetrical Layered – will teach you how to add internal flare to a pattern and how to build an asymmetrical style
  • Empire – shows you how to build a two-part garment
  • Flange – teaches you how to add a flange (large pleat) to a garment and how to space-plan to add a second fabric/stitch pattern
  • Scarf Collar – will show you how to use the Give/Take Symmetry mode to create the asymmetrical front of the jacket
  • Saddle Yoke – will show you how to work with a yoke and box pleat
  • Knit-Splice – leads you into a mixed media approach and shows you how to space plan a pattern.
  • Asian Origami – walks you through the building of the most unique Asian-influenced garment. In the end, it is a two-seam garment (excluding collar and pockets).

Various tips and sewing techniques are included with the book. Learn how to use a fabric binding for the neckline, or how to trim a garment with a decorative flat binding strip which can easily be adapted for knits. All this and more.