Garment Designer Lesson Book DVD

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.PDF Book on DVD

The Garment Designer PDF Lesson Book is written to show people how to use Garment Designer creatively, plus it explains simple design principles and offers design tips. 

It consists of 3 projects: 

1. Creating Simple Vests (4 lessons)
- Measuring & Creating a Basic Sloper of Your Body
- Planning & Building a Garment
- Creating the Full
- Size Pattern (To Sew or Knit)
- Building & Embellishing your Vest

2. Designing a Garment in Piecework Style (3 lessons)
- Ideation: Planning for Piecework Design 
- Building a Garment & Printing a 1/4 scale Mock-Up Pattern 
- Completing the Garment 

3. Copying Ready-to-Wear (2 lessons)
- Analyzing & Measuring a RTW Garment 
- Building the Style in Garment Designer*For personal use only. Do Not Reproduce or Redistribute