Garment Designer 2.9 with Style Sets 1 and 2 - Windows

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Garment Designer 2.9 is compatible with Windows Operating Systems XP - 11.

This version utilizes a software key.  After you order, will receive a digital download link, and an Activation Code and password via email which will allow you to run the software.

This bundle version of the Garment Designer contains Style Sets 1 and 2. Each set offers approximately 50 additional styles (e.g. armholes, necklines, body styles, etc.). These provide more starting points for design.

Due to the tax laws in the EU, we will need to mail EU customers a box with the software codes. Please contact us for additional options at

Let Garment Designer 2.9 help bring your patterns and sketches to life!

Create tailor made designs by entering custom measurements, or use the built-in sizing libraries for men, women, and children all while having the ability to drag points to edit your pattern for a more ideal fit and style.  Mix-n-match from an extensive set of style components for body style, neckline, sleeve etc.

Print a full-scale pattern for sewing, blocking, or input gauge and generate shaping instructions. 

Program includes software, extensive PDF manual, Tutorials, and built-in help.

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This YouTube video walks through building a first garment.

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