Hurth Measuring Band System

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A  measuring system composed primarily of elasticized bands to be used as an aid for taking accurate body measurements. This is developed by Ursula Hurth, a trained tailor, of Home Atelier, Germany. See also the Hurth Ruler.

You can see videos on how to use this design system below.


  • 6 elastic, adjustable straps
  • 1 crotch tape measure / gap length tape
  • 1 tape measure for inner leg length
  • 1 quality tailor tape measure from company "Hoechstmass2, 150cm/59 inches
  • 48 adhesive dots
  • 1 polybag for safekeeping

There are three sizes of this product available

  • Standard:   with straps measuring up to 48/45/50.8/28.3 inches (Bust/Waist/Hip/Thigh)

  • XL version:   with straps measuring up to 57/50/58.5/31.5 inches (Bust/Waist/Hip/Thigh)

  • XXL version: with straps measuring up to 67/61/68.5/34.6 inches (Bust/Waist/Hip/Thigh)
  • See the chart in the graphics below for metric and specific numbers.

Part 1: Attaching and Removing

Part 2: Measuring