Quilt Blocks, SP Elements Disc

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These sets of clip art are designed specifically for Stitch Painter. Each set contains .stc and .sbr files which will load directly into Stitch Painter.

This Quilt set from the Elements Collection contains over 400 files composed of 30 Stitch Painter Document files, 30 .PNG files, and 348 motifs. You may use the motifs individually, or as building blocks to create a project. 

If you are a quilter, you may design and plan your quilted fabrics. If you are a knitter or stitcher, you may use the quilt blocks to create quilt-look fabrics.

Use the motifs as designed, or let them be your starting point for creative play. Combine, edit or redesign them to suit your needs. Change the colors to your preferred combination.

Please read the description of each item carefully and if you have any additional questions you would like answered before purchase, please contact info@cochenille.com.