Stitch Painter Gold 3.5.1 Win w FCI Dig Download, (SW Key)

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Stitch Painter 3.5 Compatibility – Windows XP to 11

This is the digital download for Stitch Painter 3.5 with the Full Color Import module. 

 This version utilizes a software key. After you order and we process the order, you will receive a digital download link, an Activation Code and a Password via email which will allow you to install and activate your license.

European customers should email us for information on sales to the EU. 

This video shows features of Stitch Painter 3 all of which are in version 3.5 (which is an update designed for Catalina and above).



Stitch Painter is a grid-design program that allows you to design for a variety of textile arts that utilize grids. 

It's feature list is extensive, and includes a variety of drawing tools, motif/brush ability, history panel, Color, Symbols and Texture panels (you can build you own as well), Repeat Mode, etc.

The program includes training videos. USB key (security), DVD (or digital download by request).

The Full Color Import Module allows you to import colored graphic images, color reduce and grid them. Read more on our Full Color Import page or click on the link below.

Click on the following links to learn more about the Stitch Painter software:

Click here to download a flyer on Stitch Painter features.

Tutorial Videos

Seven videos (QuickTime) are included with Stitch Painter. These walk you through all the workings of the software, plus Tutorials. Over an hour of training!!