Italy Fashion, Craft and Food Retreat 2024- Balance

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Italy Fashion, Craft, and Food Retreat
Verona, Italy
October 10-20, 2024

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Susan has been going to Verona since 2007 and she now lives there half-time. She has developed a sense for Italian fashion, food, and lifestyle. She has also established contacts with various artists, designers, stores, museums, and food-related businesses.

This year, our 2024 retreat, centered in Verona, will include day-trips to Venice and Vicenza. An optional day trip to Milan will be offered during the ‘free day’ of the Retreat for those who want to go to this fashion city. The Retreat will begin at dinner time on October 10th (the day of arrival) and ends the morning of October 20th with a farewell coffee.

Maximum group size is 8/9 persons.

Fashion, Crafts, Food...

This year, we are continuing our emphasis on mini-workshops; some with locals and some with Susan. Topics will revolve around hand-techniques with fiber art, garment and pattern design, sustainability, idea shopping, and more. In addition, we will have fashion appointments that include visits to artisans, fabric and yarn stores, designers, and a knitting mill. There will be two out-of-town trips. As always, we will also take a trip to Venice to explore its sights and items related to fashion. We will also attend an event called Abilmente (the Salon of Creative Ideas) which is in Vicenza and features exhibits, workshops, and vendors. We are leaving the last Saturday free for you to choose what you want to do, but Susan will offer a day trip to Milan as an optional add-on.

Please download the trip brochure and registration form at the following link for further details:
Retreat Flyer : Fashion Retreat 2024.pdf

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