Lyon, France Digital Fabric Design Retreat, 2024 - Balance

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Balance for the Digital Fabric Design Retreat in Lyon, France, 2024
$1650 by Zelle, Venmo, Check, or Credit Card **

This year marks our third collaboration with Label Graine, a textile firm outside of Lyon, France. This company digitally prints fabrics and has recently redesigned a portion of their space to suit workshops for designers, students, or others who want to involve digital printing in their creative life. Our retreat will combine four days exploring Lyon with workshop time both in Lyon and at Valsonne, and use of space and the creative services of Label Graine. The city of Lyon is famous for its historical silk and weaving industries and is world renown for its gastronomy.

Here is a link to the Retreat Flyer, and one to the Registration form.

Please view the flyer to determine the outline of the retreat.

The Deposit of the Retreat is $1000.

The balance for the Retreat is $1650.00 You may pay this Shopify here, Zelle, Venmo, or you can send a check by mail. (see the Registration form for info).

This balance of $1650 will be due on April 3, 2024.

** If you pay by credit card, we will invoice you an additional 2.5%
which is a partial cost of credit card fees.