Stitch Painter Beading Plug-In, Win

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SP Beading for Windows is a plug-in that adds the following features to Cochenille's Stitch Painter software:

• Design with Peyote and Comanche grids which may be adjusted to any proportion.
• Print out Color Counts per row, e.g. Row 1: 7 black, 3 green, 2 black, etc.
• Create custom color sets (name colors used in a document and save custom palettes).
• Follow your beading placement 'on screen' as you work.

Note: Loom Bead design may also be done with the Stitch Painter program operating in its regular mode.

* Please provide you current computer's operating system (OS) in the comments section of the order page.  This purchase also requires your Cochenille software serial number by email to