Stitch Painter Upgrade Version 3 to 3.5 Mac - Digital Download

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February 2022

Version 3.5 of Stitch Painter is compatible with Macintosh OS Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey. This upgrade is a phased release of the software. We are releasing this in phases so our Stitch Painter customers can be operative on the new OS.

All critical functions are in the software and the less important ones continue to be added and thus you will receive update versions as we progress.

Technically, this is a 'beta' version. Although tested, it has not reached a full audience yet. Rest assured that we will address oddities as they come up.

If you are upgrading from other than version 3/3.1, please email us if we haven't already posted other upgrade options.

Feb. 10, 2022

What is Working

  • All Tools
  • Repeat Design
  • Designing in General
  • Printing
  • Saving and Loading
  • Use of Symbols, Colors, Texture Panels
  • Edit mode of the panels
  • Stencil Functions
  • File>Open Recent
  • Palette> Rotate Items
  • Exporting – You can export Images in all but PDF, but the PCX (a Windows format) is not working. You can export various as Stitches but PCX and various other Windows only formats aren’t working and will likely be pulled.
  • Clipboard Functions: Copy and Paste is working with a few exceptions (see below in Edit Menu)
  • File>Set Defaults
  • Brush>Load From


New Behavior

Symbols Panel/Texture Panel/Color

  • Resizing from lower right corner enlarges the symbols/textures display
  • Resizing while in Edit mode – adds more slots but keeps the slots the same size.
  • To edit Symbols/Colors/Textures, use the Edit button in the upper right. Click on the Done button when you are through editing. 

What's Not Working Yet

File Menu Things

  • Revert to Saved

Edit Menu Things

  • Clear – is not working, but you can use the Cut command to clear a selected area
  • Pasting in (and Paste Special) from External Sources


  • Show Rulers

Plug-Ins. (you will need to move your Plug-In file over to this version).


Bead Grids are working

Generate Text Summary – working

Color Sets – not working (e.g. Delica)



Shift Grid – working

Color Sets – not working (e.g. DMC)


Full Color Import

Not working yet