Webinar - Walking Tour of Garment Designer

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Friday, January 8th, 2021 11 am PT

New to Garment Designer? or possibly a bit rusty? Or would you like to be the complete master of your software?

Take a tour of Garment Designer with Susan Lazear as your tour guide! Susan will show you Garment Designer’s main attractions as well as help you discover destinations you may not have known existed. This tour will help seasoned travelers and new tourists explore Cochenille’s pattern making software. So, join us as we walk through functions and menus of Garment Designer and share additional tips, short-cuts, help sheets, and functions. We will also cover a few of the most common user mistakes, and we expect there will be a lot of ‘ah ha’ moments. Join us to see what the software can do, or to gain a fuller use of your software. 

Here are a few quiz questions you can ask yourself? (Answers will be covered in the webinar).

  • Do you know how to set the defaults to your personal preferences, so the sloper of your choice, and other settings appear on each and every new document?
  • Do you know how to have additional custom information print on your patterns or be stored with your files?
  • Sewers:
  • Have you used the Fabric Layout option to determine how much fabric you need
  • Knitters: Have you used the Yarn Data option to calculate yarn usage for knitting?
  • Do you know how to turn a pattern to a 45-degree angle for either bias sewing or for diagonal knitting?
  • Why should you want to undo point movement on selected points?
  • What is the difference between the Bands in the Additions menu, or in the Extras menu.
  • What is the fast way of editing the width of your Additions such as facings, hems, and extensions?
  • How many different ways can you measure parts of a garment? What are the tricks?
  • So, what are the Help Sheets?
  • How do you delete a sloper you no longer want?
  • How do you retrieve a sloper you accidentally deleted?
  • Why does Garment Designer squack at me about angles, and how much do I need to worry about them?
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• PDF of the PowerPoint lecture (for personal use)
• 15% discount code for Cochenille Products (excluding software upgrades)
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